What Dance Training Has To Offer Children

By: Christine Eagle, 2012

Every September it’s the same thing.  Parents excitedly enter the dance studio with their child, ready to enrol them for their first dance class.  And every September it’s the same questions.  How will my child benefit from dance training?  What will they learn?  Will they like it?  Will they make friends? When I sat down to write this paper, I began with some online research.  I soon realized that the best research had already been done.  With 30 years of combined experience, 15 years as a dancer, and 15 as a teacher, I have seen the benefits of dance training first hand in both my students and in myself.  The academic, social and physical benefits as well as the life skills that are learned are invaluable to children.  I see this every day that I go to work.  I see it in myself as I confidently teach from the front of the classroom, I see it in my students as I watch them grow and develop and I see it in my graduates as they come back to visit the studio as productive and successful members of society.  Although it was love for the art of dance that first began my career as a teacher, it’s the reward of seeing young people grow into confident, strong and talented adults and knowing that I had a part in that development that keeps me loving it season after season.  It’s a great honor, and sometimes a great challenge, but one that I take very seriously.

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A Balanced Approach

nld3 balanced thumbAt Northern Lights Dance Studio, we understand how families today are trying to juggle a multitude of commitments as we have families ourselves.  That is why we don’t have classes on Sundays and the studio is closed for holidays (Christmas, March Break).  Our fees are competitive and we offer a 10 month payment plan with no registration fees.

Our new facility is also geared to make it easier on the family.  We have included a play room for siblings while the dancer takes their class. We have increased our waiting space for parents and have extended our viewing windows so you can see your dancer progress.

A Commitment to Technique

nld2 technique thumbAt Northern Lights Dance Studio, our highly skilled teaching staff have decades of combined dance experience, either as dancers ourselves or as teachers.  We stick by our teaching philosophy of creating a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere while building the foundational skills of dancing from the beginning.  That is why our instructors teach across all levels and ages.  As your dancer grows and matures, we maintain the same fun environment but add more technique and challenge in their dancing.  With this approach, we have been able to develop award winning competitive teams who commit only 4-6 hours to dancing each week.

We offer a variety of dance genres to explore; ballet, jazz, tap, acro and hip hop.  Our programs range from recreational to competitive levels, from 3 years old to 18 years old.  This year we began offering an adult tap class and are developing a Mommy and Me class for new mothers and their babies.

Please click here to read our teacher profiles.

A Nurturing Environment

nuturing environmentAt Northern Lights Dance Studio we are committed to the overall development of your child.  We build confidence, poise and physical well-being.  We also help our dancers find their own motivation, self-discipline and self-expression through dance. We have “graduated” a large number of dancers meaning they started with us at a young age and leave us only when they move beyond their high school years.  We enjoy building strong bonds with our dancers.

We believe in maintaining low student to teacher ratios in our nursery and level 1 and 2 programs.  That is why in our new facility we are adding 1 more studio.  We will be able to offer more classes and maintain that low ratio.

We also believe in age appropriate choreography and costumes.  We are respectful of your child’s age and how they present themselves.  We want them to be comfortable and self-assured when they dance with us.

Most of all, we create a fun and safe environment for your child to grow.

We are very proud of the fact that many students come to us through referrals from former and current dancers and their families.  Click here to hear from some of our current dancers and parents.